frequently asked questions

I am on my second book through Amazon. I cannot quite remember the workflow I used for the first book and I had someone helping me. I need help regarding the workflow for the process. Is this something you can offer?

Absolutely, we can guide you through the whole process of self-publishing your book with Amazon or any print or ebook distribution service.

How much will it cost me to have you edit, design a cover and get it ready for publication?

This will depend on the length of the book and any special requests you might have. Please submit a quote request here:  

Since CreateSpace has stopped their author support services I’ll be looking to replace them with a 3rd party book design service for my new novel next month. Do you offer this service, and do you have experience working with CreateSpace?

We have worked with authors publishing via KDP (formerly CreateSpace) for over 15 years, and continue to support authors’ needs who are now publishing with IngramSpark, Amazon KDP, D2D, or other publishing services.

I am looking to have my nonfiction book edited and published. I received your contact info through Createspace forum. I am aware that they no longer offer services to authors. What are your fees to edit? What are your percentage for sales proceeds?

Our editing fees are determined by word count and based on reading a sample. The book proceeds are 100% yours: we help you self-publish but do not keep any commissions on sales.

I’m interested in creating my first journal, which will consist of lined pages and words of wisdom at the bottom of every fifth page. This will be a writing journal for my audience. Do you have assistance with these type publications? I’m looking for page design, cover ideas and binding options.

We can design and layout your book as described. Keep in mind that most print-on-demand services won’t print books containing too many blank pages, but what you’ve described here will be okay.

For all other enquiries, request a quote!